Our mission

Yawbyrd's mission is to support women and underrepresented entrepreneurs and investors, regardless of age, experience, economic status, education, geography, orientation, or identity.
In other words, we're proudly inclusive.

Who is Yawbyrd?

Yawbyrd is run by Josef Scarantino. You can find me on LinkedIn.

How can I help?

Yawbyrd has hundreds, literally hundreds of resources on a wait list that are almost ready to be made public. But we need help with data, mostly collecting and tagging to ensure our audience is able to find what they are looking for. If you're interested in helping, reach out on LinkedIn!

Are you adding new features?

Yes, regularly. Expect to see tons of features rolled out to make the discovery process even easier. If you have an idea, definitely send it my way.

Where do you source your information?

Any information found on Yawbyrd is publicly available. I'm just trying to make it more accessible.
Sources include: VC websites, LinkedIn, Crunchbase, PitchBook, OpenVC, and many others

By what criteria do resources end up on Yawbyrd?

All resources on Yawbyrd are individually reviewed to meet select standards. (more on that below) Some resources come through personal recommendations, while others are found in various resource lists on the internet.
Resource profiles are currently being updated to include the criteria that landed them on Yawbyrd. For example, was the resource founded or cofounded by a woman? Does the resource publicly state support for diversity on their website?